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  • The involvement of our experienced team at all stages of the food chain allows us to offer high quality products, working with the necessary flexibility to adapt to changing market trends. This continuous and deep involvement has positioned us as the undisputed national leader in our sector.
    Iván Alonso
    CFR Managing Director
    Iván Alonso CFR Managing Director

The plant set in Arrúbal is supplying the greatest distribution firms as well as small businesses and the Food Service channel. 


In this production center product is received both in bulk and fresh to its line of salads. Thus we can say that our range of salads retains its freshness and properties because it is packed directly after his arrival in the field. 

Food security is guaranteed in the production lines equipped with vacuum detectors, metal and X rays that increase the safety of the good practices carried out by qualified plant equipment, which receives ongoing training in our facilities.


The packaging is adapted to the expectations of every client by offering advice and management. Depending on the volume, the logistics and freight plan is organized more efficiently for the client as it will be managed by our logistic department.


Relevant information


  • Founded: 1987 Spain
  • Employees: 100
  • Capacity:22.000 Tn/year
  • Area: 20.000m2
  • Activity: Sale of pasteurized products in glass, plastic buckets and cans on the Distribution and Food Service.
  • Products: gherkins, onions, cocktail mix, baby corns, garlic, capers, lupin seeds, peppers, grated carrot, grated and sliced beetroot, celery, bean sprouts, black pepper…


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Expeditions Conservas Franco Riojanas

Labels and certifications

    • ER-0110/1998
    •  GA-2002/0160
    • BRC-2012/0015
    • IFS-2008/0015
    • ER-O110/1998
    • GA-2002/0160