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  • Sustainability has been our focus as a result we have been achieving our set targets on a consistent basis and remain competitive. In the process we have also ensured that all our business partners like farmers, employees are being well taken care to create an atmosphere where they give their best which enables us to produce high quality products which will delight our customers.
    Venkata Shivaram
    ISTF Managing Director
    Mr. Venkata Shivaram

India plant manages the organization of the fields to obtain part of the raw material (pickles, babycorn, tomato, patisson, jalapeno ...).

Our team "AGRI" is distributed over growing areas in "OFFICES" that manage the distribution of seeds and fertilizers to farmers in the area and the advice and assistance throughout the process of planting and harvest. This close collaboration, with more than 1400 farmers we work with through long-term agreements, ensures a homogenous product that fits our internal quality criteria.

The activity is divided in two business lines:


  • The food industry offering in bulk product in barrels.
  • Greatest distribution firms.


Since its beginning in 2003, ISTF has become a benchmark for export in India covering part of the international demand for pickles in many countries worldwide.


Relevant information

  • Founded: 2003 India
  • Employees: 500
  • Capacity: 22.000 Tn/year
  • Area: 32.700m2
  • Activity: Sale of in bulk products in barrels for industry and glass jars and cans for distribution.
  • Agricultural relations: 1,400 farmers, 2,500 hectares of land
  • Productos: Pickles, Chilli, baby corn, Jalapeno, banderilla, big olives stuffed, patisson, cherry tomatoes.


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Labels and certifications

    • ISO 9001
    • ISO 14001
    • ISO 22000
    • SA 8000
    • IFS FOOD
    • BRC FOOD
    • KOSHER