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  • A dynamic and flexible production method allows us to customize products to the requirements of each client. Our facilities will ensure the management of their stocks with a logistics service "door to door".
    Fátima Pérez
    RG Managing Director
    Fátima Pérez

Albelda plant focuses on providing products and solutions for industry. Products are presented in 220 liter barrels opaque and airtight.


This production center takes the first step in the process of pickling and preserving fresh produce received from the field as well as the storage of those received in conservation juices. 

In the second part of the process product is sliced ​​and mixed under customer specifications. Our machinery provides great flexibility, which is a competitive advantage to adapt to the requirements of food industries make products "made to measure".

Rafael González offers integrated logistics services to national customers with its own truck fleet and a complete management in international shipments with major shipping companies.


The personalized service, stock management and direct and close relationship, are the premises why our clients choose us.


Relevant information

  • Founded: 1950 Spain
  • Employees: 50
  • Capacity: 18.000 Tons/year
  • Area: 12.000 m2
  • Activity: Selling products barrels for the industry.
  • Products: Pickles, onions, chilli, pepper, carrot, pickled cauliflower, baby corns, mushrooms, garlic, mixed pickles, chopped pickled vegetable, gazpacha, cocktail mix, capers, jalapenos, pattison.
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Labels and certifications

    • ISO 9001
    • ISO 14001
    • IFS FOOD
    • KOSHER