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    CLASSIC Pickled products, fresh and natural as part of the Mediterranean diet. They are consumed anywhere, anytime. Our products are healthy, low in fat and with many possibilities.

  • Bitter Sweet Gherkin 1700 ml.

    Glass Jar 1700 ml.



  • Bitter Sweet Gherkins

    Discover gherkins with new texture and innovative, soft and pleasant flavor.

  • Gherkins slices

    With our sliced gherkins your burgers and sandwiches will be just irresistible.

  • Gherkins Stackers

    Give a touch of color and flavor to your sandwiches with our bittersweet gherkins...

  • Grated carrot

    Grated Carotan variety carrots, known for their intense colour and firm texture.

  • Grated beetroot

    Sweet and packed with energy.

  • Sliced beetroot

    We recommend you try our “beetroot and orange salad”.

  • Grated celery

    Try an endive and grated celery salad dressed with a vinaigrette made with 2...

  • Gherkin salad

    If what you’re lacking is time, we’ll do the work for you.

  • Chinese salad

    Enjoy all the benefits of soy with this tasty salad which combines soy bean sprouts...

  • Bean sprouts

    To list the many properties and uses of this well-known southeast Asian legume would...

  • Bitter Sweet Gherkin

    Originally from Central Europe,this mild and pleasing recipe of XL gherkins flavoured...

  • Herb flavoured gherkins

    We add extra-white pearl onions, a little mustard, pepper and our special touch .......

  • Anchovy Flavoured Gherkins

    Land and sea fuse in these XS gherkins with a crisp texture and a special taste that...

  • Gherkins in vinegar

    An intense, vinegary taste for the most traditional of recipes.

  • Vegetable banderilla

    “The Spanish gherkin” is the king of the Spanish pickles.

  • Big olive with gherkin or chilli

    Extra large olives filled with a gherkin are the most traditional, or substitute a...

  • Cocktail mix

    Our traditional cocktail mix is for those who enjoy the essence of eating unpitted...

  • Bitter Sweet Baby Corn

    Exquisite mini corn cobs in vinegar with an unmistakable, delicate flavor, whose...

  • Pearl onions

    Without a doubt, the “pearls” of the house.

  • Chilli peppers

    Who could imagine a hearty, traditional Madrid-style stew, Riojan white beans or...

  • Chilli Piparrak

    Grown in Ibarra, Basque Country, and with characteristic tenderness and flavor these...

  • Mixed pickled vegetables

    A delicate mix of vegetables containing carrots, gherkins, pearl onions and enriched...

  • Chopped pickled vegetables

    Small, mild diced carrots and gherkins easy to use in sauces or salads. 

  • Lupid seeds

    These small, intensenly yellow-coloured buttons belong to a little-known group of...

  • Special cocktail mix

    We’ve invented one of our star products to come up with this gourmet cocktail...

  • Capers

    The authentical Italian “ristorante”! Use them on pizzas or in pasta.

  • Cherry capers

    Keeping in mind that the fruit of the caper as a distinctive flavor – somewhere...

  • Garlic

    Without the strong smell and characteristic flavor of raw garlic, after marinating,...

  • Baby carrots

    Dress them with extra virgin olive oil, Modena vinegar some chopped aromatic herbs...

  • Black pepper

    “Steak au Poivre” is a classic at Paris bistros.