Who are we?

GRG is the result of a family closely linked to the world of pickles that along more than half a century has made a firm commitment to a well done job, a commitment to quality and investment in new technology.

Our experience and recognition mix tradition with innovation, resulting in a product that meets the needs of consumers and professionals providing value through processes that ensure the high quality of our products and environmentally friendly.


Equipo Rafael González

A Solid Team.

Our team consists of professionals who work with commitment, creativity and enthusiasm that makes our customers the best guarantee of our daily work.


Teams made up of 10 different nationalities who bring a cultural exchange relevant to addressing our international market.


Employment ratios remain positively employing over 700 people and working stably with more than 1500 farmers.


Equality is very present in our company with female employment ratios that exceed 70% of the workforce.



Instalaciones grupo Rafael González


Grupo Rafael Gonzalez

Rafael Gonzalez Group Path.

The business group has its origin in 1950 in Albelda de Iregua, a small town north of Spain in the region of La Rioja and whose location favored the supply of raw materials.  


The Group's expansion began in 1987 with the acquisition of the company Conservas Franco-Rioja SA dedicated to the sale of products for the retail and food service.  


The project, which derives its name, began with the hand of a French partner who instilled knowledge and passion for pickles and salads products so characteristic of northern European cultures.


The Group acquired 100% of the shares of Franco-Riojanas in 1996. The globalization of markets prompted the company to take an internationalization strategy in 2003 with the establishment of the Indo-Spanish company Tasty Foods Ltd. located in Bangalore, southern India.  


On the one hand, this strategy allowed the group to continue its international expansion and increase supply security and price stability for customers and, on the other hand, ensure traceability and quality that make the market leading group of pickles.  


The Group's diversification strategy was produced in 2008 with the acquisition of 100% of RiverFresh Iregua SLU dedicated to the breeding and fattening of rainbow trout.